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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a ba ba ba ? all right. check out all of that rain coming down and it is causing some flooding this morning. this is a live picture from port richey where water is covering some of the roads there at the you can see it's barricaded off so folks don't drive through. that can be very dangerous. the water is two feet deep. >> the water is reaching the bottom vertical bar on that barricade. really high water there. be careful heading out to work this morning. new concerns about the zika virus three new cases in the bay area. we are going to show you where
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janeiro where the olympic flame is burning bright this morning. today a local athlete competes for gold. a look at today's events and what athletes are saying on social media about the games just ahead. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. here's leigh with a check on the rain and flooding right now. >> it all goes back to the area of low pressure that's been stubborn sitting there since saturday and as the counterclockwise winds pull around it waves of rain coming off the gulf of mexico. that's why the flood watch is going to continue at least through this evening for citrus hernando and pasco and points to the north because the ground is saturated so any rain is going to lead to quick localized flooding if not more significant like the one in pasco county. zooming down here more rain coming down in pasco county. now it's not going to make much in roads farther inland. kind of heading up towards the
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hernando beach into hernando county and spring hill batch of heavy rain and light down pours happening in pinellas county and one area heading into the northern portion of polk county on top of days of rain. the heaviest rain has been and will continue to be along the coast. i mean the rainfall totals here citrus, hernando and pasco from four and a half to six inches and again lighter totals but still rain farther inland. same county, hillsborough the farther inland not quite as wide spread as far as the heavy down pours and pockets of rain farther to the south. today another day with on and off down pours. better rain chances through the middle of the day at a 70% chance keeping highs at 85. at 6:08 i do have the hour by hour look at your tuesday. meredyth is going to get you through your commute. >> let's take a look outside in
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picking up at 275 and i-4 with no delays. bay area bridges look really good. we do have an accident where we are seeing rain northbound along 19 at moog road. that should be out of your way shortly. right now taking up one of your turn lanes. otherwise pasco is accident free. gayle and gene back to you. meredyth thanks we continue our special series get schooled this morning taking a look at school bus safety. thousands of students heading back in the class in hillsborough tomorrow but first the buses are getting onto the roads to get them down pat. live inside a bus route for himself what's going on ryan? >> hey gene good morning to you. we just got on this bus with wanda headed into south tampa. herrera includes an area near south base in tampa. it will take a couple of hours
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the day before school starts. here in hillsborough that is tomorrow. let's go to video from last year when we drove along with a pinellas county school bus driver. drivers stop at train tracks and extend the stop signs at all stops. they face all kinds of situations on the roads from people texting while driving to those who simply ignore stop lights and drive right by the stopped school bus. we will be back within the next half hr update. back to you for now. >> check back with you ryan, thanks. in lakeland crews are working around the clock to finish this sidewalk before the first day of school. the $2 million project was approved two years ago after two high school students were hit and killed while walking home. the goal here is to have this sidewalk finished by sunday before the first day of school monday. today family and friends will say their final goodbyes
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who was shot and killed by his girlfriend's ex. the funeral service will be held at the first baptist church on frost proof later today. he was sitting in a car while his girlfriend dropped off medicine for her baby at her ex's house. that's when the ex-walked up to the car and shot him five times. mckinney was arrested and is facing first degree chargeds. florida health officials are reporting travel related zika i case of locally transmitted zika in south florida reported in palm beach county from a person who was recently in miami. that brings the total of locally transmitted cases to 17. hillsborough county has two new travel related cases. polk county has one. it's 6:05 and right now delta airlines is apologizing after a computer outage effected thousands of flights.
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delayed and canceled flights. lindsay mastis is live at tampa international this morning so are you seeing a lot of disappointed passengers this morning? >> there's a lot of anxiety in this line and this line is very, very long. a lot of passengers just want to know when they'll be able to get to their destinations. a lot of people that i've talked to this morning tell me maybe they are not flying out this morning but later on today or tomorrow but they are relieve adjust to know when they are flying out and it could take track. passengers having to deal with all of this feel pretty helpless. >> i hate delaying my flight but i have a connection as well so my connection actually leaves ten minutes before i land in my connection because my delay was an hour over this morning. >> the computer outage resulted in canceled flights including here in tampa and now delta is
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the airline promises to give customers a $200 voucher if they were delayed at least three hours or had their flight canceled. it is possible to fly out of tampa today. if you can get a seat you can assume those flights are going to be pretty packed and as for that passenger you heard from earlier he told me a little bit earlier today he was able to find out that the connection there are other flights that he hopes to get on so he does expect to get back to his destination today but it's probably going later for him. gayle? >> i know it doesn't completely make up for all of the frustrations but that delta voucher does seem pretty sweet. thanks lindsay. 6:07. across america the kansas water slide where the ten-year-old boy died remains closed this morning. investigators are trying to determine how caleb schwab suffered a fatal neck injury on
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country. it propels riders at least 50 miles per hour. two others suffered minor facial injuries. a baby was taken from his mom's hospital room. the woman claims staff at nea baptist memorial hospital in jonesboro alloched another patient to walk off with her baby while she was sleeping. hospital officials moved the mom and baby to a more room. today is the second anniversary of michael brown's death who was shot and killed by a white police officer in ferguson missouri. a grand jury chose not to indict wilson. brown's death inspired the black lives matter movement. several events are scheduled for today including a national moment of silence at 12: 55:00 p.m. it's 6:08 on tuesday morning
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for those areas already dealing with flooding and a saturated ground means we could see localized spots of flooding throughout the day. the flood watch for citrus hernando and pasco continues through the evening and with good reason because that's where we are seeing the heavy rain coming on shore. spring hill, brooke ridge and generally into the brooksville area into pasco county with heavy rounds of rain coming off the gulf of mexico from hudson area through new hola day and pinellas county so a 60% chance of these pockets of rain this morning. a 70% chance through mid day. clouds keeping temperatures at 81 at noon. rain generally tapering off. still a 50% chance this evening just not quite as much as the middle of the day. watch for the ponding on the roads at any point you see the down pours. the area helping to cause this drifts west finally tomorrow
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down and temperatures up. a quick look at rain chances 70% today, 60% tomorrow, still good coverage tomorrow, 50% thursday and on the dry side saturday. we'll check in with meredyth. a few wet roads but not as wide spread. >> it looks better today as far as accidents go. we do have one to tell you about in hillsborough county sheriff's department on scene here northbound 75 at exit 240. that's thet center/college avenue. not seeing any major delays there. right now getting busier on our majors in and out of tampa but we are still in the green indicating speeds at the speed limit. still seeing a delay here northbound 1 at moog road an accident taking up one of your turn lanes. gayle and gene back to you. >> thank you so much. a disney character near disaster at hollywood studios.
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show and it was all caught on camera. keep your eye on the seven dwarves. did you see that? he almost fell off the boat. the name was aappropriate. >> something like that can happen. >> dopey ended up falling onto the boats right before the grand finale of the part's nighttime spectacular. dopey and goofy suffered some injuries but should be okay. are you the act? >> i don't think it is. i've seen that show and don't remember that part. >> what a coincidence it's dopey and goofy who are involved in this near drowning? >> glad they are okay. it's a great show. check it out if you are there. students in the bay area begin heading back to school tomorrow. >> some students may get the first day jitters. it's not just them. coming up we show you how teachers get nervous too and tricks of the trade they use to get rid of the butterflies.
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rio de janeiro this morning. up next we look ahead at today's don't miss events. you are watching news channel 8
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the real olympics are in full swing and one of our local
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michael phelps could add more gold medals to his selection. phelps advanced after finishing second behind hungary. on-air commentary is a big part of olympics coverage but the social media commentary is little more entertaining. >> i think it is hysterical. meredith has a gold medal posts for us. >> there are a co o the first one is about michael -- michael phelps. we want to show you the video he's back here and is very serious and getting ready to do his thing and the other guys are warming up but someone has been grabbing a screenshot of that and tweeting some hysterical things. won another cashier opens and says i can help the next person
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phelps faith. olympics songs also joining.and i had to put this one in twice. who doesn't like the tonga guy. let's give them something to tonga about. and leslie jones of ghostbusters her tweets have been so funny that the olympics have invited her to come down into commentary and she does even if she doesn't understand the sport which her tweets about whatever is happening yesterday question mark question mark question mark. totally get that.can't wait to see posts from today's event. here are some things we cannot wait to see. 10:00 a.m. men's beach volleyball. u.s.a. up against mexico later today at 3:00 p.m. women's teams final in gymnastics and team u.s.a. will defend their title and try to win another gold medal.
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tries to win and it six soccer team u.s.a. against columbia. this morning team u.s.a. sits on top of the leaderboard. five gold, seven settle -- silver and seven bronze. china is behind us including 13 and then japan with 10 metals. >> eight on your scott -- eight on your side is getting school. lindy -- lindsay shows us what an experienced teacher is going through as she gets ready to face the class. >>reporter: georgia butler is getting her room ready she begins the 23rd year of teaching. >> i think it's going to fly by. >> she is excited to see her new fifth-graders but she still gets butterflies in her
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sometimes more so than the school -- students and when you let kids know that it tends to relieve their anxiety. >> she's got other tricks as well. big smile. kids tune into body language. >> she will try to make them laugh. humor. humor is so important. keeps the kids busy. >> is the hallmark? >> yes. >> ohno. what kind of homework. >> reading. i was reading but a book of their choice. a new.richie lindsay masters newschannel he. >> i think it's a combination of nerves and excitement. my kids can't wait to get back to class. >> it's a new experience for them and a whole new set of names to learn. the time is 6:18 a.m. we have a lot to talk about weatherwise.
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have quite as much rain tomorrow. as we will see today it's basically a washout. flood watch through this evening, saturated ground and pockets of heavy rain. light to moderate rain and the rainfall is stacking up more than an inch and 1/4 since midnight and that is why flooding is occurring after days and days of rain. rain on the gulf is rotating in and it's just off the coast of citrus county and we see some heading toward 41 and up-and- down 19 in pasco county and again the outskirts area of 19 will be heading east toward 41 that's why in our forecast. pockets of heavy rain. not everyone dealing with heavy rain at the same time. pockets of rain continues to lunchtime which means at any point you can see flooding flooded roadways.
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73 degrees and it has to do with this area of low pressure. that will draw in the tropical rain off the gulf especially near the coast and north of i for again but tomorrow the slow starts to drift away from us which will take the heaviest rain across the northern gulf and we will see drier and hotter weather as we head toward the end of the week. let's check on we now. >> happy to report be area bridges are dry. howard franklin both directions look fine. not a big trouble spot. there is a school bus doing their practice runs. school back in session tomorrow westbound i for looks good and no problems yet at the apex. gail inching back to. looking good, meredith. we are right back with a look at how much families are
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in consumer watch this morning parents are recognizing the need to budget for childcare. 54% spend more than 10% of their household income and childcare. the survey found that 74% of families budget for childcare housing costs. at&t customers can see refunds. the federal investigation from the company allowed unauthorized third-party charges on its customers landline bills. it's a practice known as cramming and at&t will pay $7 million in refunds. any former and current customers will receive their refunds by check within 90 days. hometown olympia making us proud. >> we catch up with melanie or
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metal rounds. >> traffic on the eights coming up in just a few minutes -- coming up advances to the medal rounds, melanie
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? ?
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6:28 a.m. the community camera shows 3/4th inch of rain has fallen since midnight coming. a flood watch for citrus hernando in pasco. brooksville and newport richie watch for flooding because we have a saturated ground and it's going to be another soggy day keeping highs at 85 but as we dry out we heat up.meredith is in for leslie. how is traffic on the eights? a new accident in the town & country area. kings point memorial. this is memorial highway and
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the west of sheldon. it is reported with injuries so we could find minor delays and that area otherwise hillsborough and memorial look okay. we will be right back. protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. because i'll never stop working for you. today, we can connect more.... play more... do more. and all that more takes energy. at duke energy, we're doing more too. more innovative technology, like ways to fix outages before they happen...
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...with power for your life. another rainy morning. waves of rain moved through. this is a look at the radar and it is still lit up just yesterday. meteorologist lease man will have your full forecast and a look at what we can expect. >> take a look. you are looking at alive look from port richie where water is covering roads. this is at the intersection of iron bark and clever roads. >> and major fallout from a system outage at delta. of the airline is playing catch- up this morning to get passengers to their
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international airport with a check on delays and cancellations good morning and welcome to news channel eight today. thanks for joining us and let's get back to the rain and flooding. >> we still remain under a flood watch meaning the conditions are setting up for single guys flooding, as you just saw this flood watch goes through this evening and the ground is saturated from days of rain. especially in this area. any rain the flood. and we have rain coming down right now in those areas. pockets of heavy rain like the one we are seeing heading through. ridge heading towards brookville and hernando county is pushing off towards the east. newport richie along 19 in pasco county is also spreading inland but as has been the case heaviest rain is going to be right along the coast. when you get into hillsboro
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a lot of heavy rain. most of the heavy rain is near the coast. the last last 48 hours we've had more than one foot of rain offshore onshore less than 1/2 foot. anywhere from four-seven inches of rain. once you go south of i for an inland there are pockets where we have seen heavy downpours but it is not as widespread. today and keeping the rain and rounds of heavy downpour and not raining of the time and tapering off to the evening and keeping highs at 85. 6:38 -- i will let you know what we have coming. a new accident in pasco. this one reported 75 southbound
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starting to see delays there. florida highway patrol is on scene. moving into tampa over out looking okay along to 75, i four and 75 in hillsboro county seeing delays along i for approaching 75 and in the town & country area of tampa kings point at old memorial dealing with the crash with injuries in that area. ems on scene. gail and jean back to you. right now are facing more delays and canceled flights. this morning the airline is apologizing trying to make things right. newschannel late joins us live from tampa international where flights are affected there this morning. lindsay? >> flights are expected. you notice cancellations and delays . some of the flights are on time. this is because of the computer
6:34 am
thousands of flights and now the delta ceo is apologizing and social need -- social media. >> i apologize for the challenges this has created for you for your travel. we are working hard to get the systems back as quickly as possible. take a look at this tweet. it promises to give customer -- customer's a 200 dollars voucher if they were delayed and the computers that went down her back up six hours later but this is affecting passengers today is the airliner scrambles to shuffle tens of thousands of passengers affected by it and now the issue is getting everyone on a plane during the busy part of the summer. passengers say as long as they know when they are flying out that makes things better but one passenger has to wait until tomorrow. gene? >> it's good to see the
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do. thank you. troopers are investigating a fiery crash in hillsboro avenue. you can see the flames shooting from one of the two vehicles. if you look back closely there is a better shot. this happened just east of the veterans expressway. the viewer sent us this video. troopers tell us no one was hurt in the crash. a 4-year-old boy is hospitalized after he investigators believe he ran right into the road in front of the car. we flew over the scene and you can see the skidmarks with the car went off the road. we are making calls to get an update on the boys condition. he was listed as critical at last check. school bus safety. students returned to class tomorrow in hillsboro county. before they hit the books bus drivers are taking to the road to make sure they know the ins
6:36 am
riding along with the bus driver. this is old-school. look at you. back on the bus like when you were a kid. >> and i am seated as well big deal. good morning. we got on half-hour ago and stopped at the gates of the air force base where there will be a pickup throughout the year. jackie is being led by wanda who is going over the various places where she will have to stop. let's go to video we shot last year. s routes all morning long. they act as though kids are on board stopping the train tracks and we spoke to a driver last year says she encounters every kind of driver imaginable. >> eating and driving, cutting me off, swerving, even with the practice with my stop sign out people ran the stop on on and
6:37 am
loops. if the kid had been walking across the street it wouldn't have been that. >>reporter: if you get stopped and find get ready to pay up tickets running more than $250. we are on board for the extent of this route and we will have the latest at 5:00. back to you, gail. >> that is interesting. thanks, ryan. happening today, a vote expected on a fracking band. it's the process of extracting oil and gas injecting a mixture. it can contaminate our drinking water. tonight the commission will hold a public hearing and vote on the issue. the meeting is at the dade city hall and begins at 5:30. today announced county commissioners take final vote on a proposed ferry between tampa and st. petersburg. city leaders in tampa and st. pete all approved the proposal last week the six-month pilot
6:38 am
november. city leaders have agreed to start with one-vote that will make several trips between the two cities during rush hour. in your vote, testing voting machines. the supervisor of elections will test the ballot scanning equipment. the machines are used to count votes for the primary. is the sun against to come up it will show another dreary day. if it's not raining won't see much sunshine. the rain is falling coming in off the gulf of mexico, i zoomed in the to hernando under a flood watch. towards brooksville heading farther south. heavy rounds of rain off the gulf in places like west in pasco county where that is the bull's-eye of the heaviest rain has been, even some light rain is are headed to northern nellis and northern hillsboro
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we have to use the wind chill wipers. the consistent heaviest rain, what we saw yesterday has shifted to the north from leavy county northward and i think that will be the trend over the next couple of days. watch what happens with rain fall potential. evening heaviest rain right along the coast. that is the blue cover -- color you see. lighter rain totals but still rain further inland and down to the south. by tomorrow the heaviest rain up around the big band of florida and will start drying out. today with the extra clouds and rain we go from 76 at 7:00 a.m. to 80 at 11 with a afternoon high of 85. thankfully not as wet as we were saying. >> we still have issues. probably not rain related but let's take you over to 75 in pasco south the 52. two accidents reported. i suspect it is actually one
6:40 am
past 52. old paschal road is a good alternate route. who has i forgetting having out from macintosh into 75 and a crash kings point at memorial also in largo along east bay between belcher in 19. gayle and jay back to you. >> . thanks. the road to rio taking us now melanie mark ellis finished her semi final heat in the shade over two minutes and we caught up with melanie as she left the pool in here is what she had to say. >> i thought our trials were exciting and to me i just had
6:41 am
so awesome to watch. they are incredible people and athletes and it's really cool. hi, st. pete. thanks for cheering. >> right back at you. melanie mark ellis will go from medal tonight. >> mark ellis and the other u.s. athletes in rio are making their mark from swinging to basketball and team u.s. is hot. paul ryan is in rio with a look at how the u.s. is holding their own. morning. >>reporter: good morning. three full days of competition, team u.s.a. finds itself still sitting atop the medal count 19 total metals and 14 coming from swimming events alone. 14 metals is more than any other country has. it's status quo for the u.s. and not just in the pool but as some of the best u.s. athletes are stringing together some of the best winning streaks. >> the old guard is holding it down. the men's basketball team eviscerated venezuela last
6:42 am
then you -- the americans have not lost to international competition and 3629 games -- days. >> what more can i say about that? we went 40 or 50 points. one game at a time. >> we are happy with any win. when we are clicking like that we are good team. meanwhile the beach volleyball tandem advanced to the round of beating china. walsh jennings has never lost an olympic play. she's 23-0 topic one's and four let the games. >> kerry gets the final block. >> although the williams sisters were upset and doubles serena chrysostom that singles. she won gold in 2012 and now the world's number one is trying to be the first tennis player to do it twice. the only question seems to be whether or not her 34-year-old
6:43 am
>> we will see. i am super sore and i will probably put a lot of ice on me and go from there. >> story of my life, serena. those events continue to progress and team u.s.a. has ample opportunity to cushion it's amount today. listen to this phelps, four finals, all medal events men's 4200 by freestyle -- freestyle relate. can't miss this. we're rooting for melanie to see if she can bring home a medal for st. pete. >> thank you, paul. >> it is good morning. of south florida police officer finds something strange
6:44 am
>> still ahead. wait until you see what that was. a man tries to put a building on fire and it backfires. see how he got a lot more than he bargained for. a tragic accident at a county fair and what happened that sent three girls to the hospital. maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk.
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across america, falling from a ferris children fell 30-45 feet. witnesses explained when one of the cars tilted and then they saw the girls bounce off a medal piece of the ride hitting the ground. the oldest is 16. emergency crews rushed at them to the hospital explaining all three were responsive. an active underground meth lab discovered in a storm drain under a walmart, this story is
6:48 am
elaborate meth lab in amherst new york. they're hoping surveillance video from a walmart will help them identify suspects in this case. you can file this in dumb criminal category. a guy tries to light a building on fire but lights himself on fire. it shows the guy running away and he takes the tumble and if you look closely you will see him come back and he will toss his shoe. he takes off running and goes back to the building and sets on fire again and we will wait for it here, this time without setting himself on fire. jumps in the car and takes off. a close call for a cat who had a run-in for miami and dade police officer. >> you could call it a catastrophe. it's a cat stuck in the grill. no one knows how the kitty cat got there. a mechanic was called in to free the feline and this
6:49 am
guy is doing just fine. >> you just blew his cover there. good job, gayle. >> 6:48 a.m. >> nothing bad about this. dreary skies, cool and they 77. it is not raining now in this portion of tampa but we do have rain coming down which is why the flood watch will continue through the evening. we know the ground is saturated so that if you get may lead to some quick street flooding. possibly the tampa area as well. we know how easily that could happen and look what is happening in pasco in the flood watch. this batch of heavy rain continues to roll on shore. it gets lighter as it heads inland. that is the case the last couple of days. heaviest rain on shore as the bands of rain come off the shore. brooksville has a little rain
6:50 am
some drizzle in lakeland. not so much around hillsboro but kind of drizzly. you might have missed on the windshield. it all has to do with this area. you probably heard me talking about it because it has it moved -- moved. most of the consistent rain we saw yesterday is farther to the north. watch for pockets of downpour 77 and eight, scattered rain and at any point watch for as we go forward in time at some points we will get heavier downpour's. it will be all day and anyone spot. you may go from a time where it's cloudy and drizzly to pockets of heavy rain as the day progresses rolling off the golf. 70% chance of rain today and 60 tomorrow and then we dry up over the weekend. >> i four is a concern. westbound i four near mingo road
6:51 am
almost perpendicular to i four. as we move you over to the maps even though there is no roadblock traffic jammed up packed -- back to forbes road. if you are in a hurry 92 or mlk are your alternate routes. haskell county you have issues southbound along 75, a report of two accidents just past 52. we're seeing delays there. old pasco road usual delays southbound to 75 out of north tampa. the bridges look okay. crash in the largo area spay between belcher and u.s. 19. guys, back to you. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> school does not start in hillsborough county until tomorrow in class look like
6:52 am
a worldwide computer outage for delta. what passengers need to plan for next. it is 6:51 a.m. and you are watching "news
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
more headaches for delta passengers this morning. >> there are still delayed and canceled flights including in tampa international airport. lindsay is live within update this morning. there are cancellations and delays today. it could take until tomorrow until everything is back to normal. look at the street from delta. they promised to give customers a $200 travel voucher if they were delayed three hours or had their flight canceled. the
6:56 am
after that but it is affecting passengers today as well as the airliner scrambles to shuffle passengers affected by it including here in tampa international. i am chip osowski -- lindsey mastis for "news channel 8". >> ahead of the first day of school tomorrow, bus drivers are acting just as kids are on board which means all drivers must as well abide by the school bus laws. a push to run tampa to st. pete will get a final vote today. commissioners are the last ones needed to sign off. a six-month pilot program begins in november with one boat making several trips. the box hit the practice field and a few hours. for the last time for the first prison game yesterday they practiced at tropicana field and it could happen again. closing practice to fans and we will let you know. catch the buccs taking in
6:57 am
great 38 starting at 7:00. once again the flood watch continues until 8:00 p.m. for citrus, hernando in pasco counties. saturated ground, more rain in fact more rain right now. with smaller amounts of rain in hernando in citrus county's but i am more concerned with the coastal areas of haskell county look at that rain poised to move on shore. the party scene more than an inch. pockets of heavy rain but not everywhere. 81 degrees at noon and scattered downpours. anyplace that sees heavy rain for any amount of time will see some flooding. 70 set -- 70% rain chance today. 66 -- 60% for wednesday. i've been texting folks at the buccs but they still plan to be at one block place. they will start earlier in the
6:58 am
backed up before forbes road, 92 or mlk, that's 574 your alternates there. there are also issues southbound 75 to 52 in pasco. due to accidents and expect delays. expressway getting heavy southbound from waters in through tampa international airport. new crash in clearwater under >> it's turning a little messy out there. weirdest, thanks. >> we will stay on top of all of the breaking news of the day and weather and traffic so stick with us during our
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maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. ?
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? ba da ba ba ba ? good morning. fantastic finishes. american king outduels her russian rival inhe breaststroke. ryan murphy striking gold in the 100 meter backstroke. divers david boudia and steele johnson with the best u.s. finish ever in synchronized 10 meter platform. silver. but the men's gymnastics team


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